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Societies St. Stephen's Cathedral

of the subscriptions and donations from the different societies are used to preserve and restore the

Unser Stephansdom

St. Stephen's Cathedral)

Unser Stephansdom works to raise funds for preserving the cathedral. The aim is to conserve the cathedral as a cultural heritage site for

Unser Stephansdom is a non-profit making, politically and ideologically independent society which was established in 1987 by Dr. Helmut Zilk, the former mayor of Vienna, and Dr. Hans Hermann Groer, the former Archbishop of the

St. Stephen's Cathedral is a world famous church, work of art and cultural asset. To continue to preserve this example of cultural heritage and prevent it from falling into any further disrepair, St. Stephen's Cathedral has to be carefully

'Evident' - above all in the form of the scaffolding - is the work which is taking place on the sandstone. Yet we are not only working to restore the sandstone on the little pinnacle towers, for

Gothic window panes, paintings, altars, stone floors, frescoes and gravestones, etc., constitute the overall work of art that is St. Stephen's Cathedral and need to be worked on, restored and carefully

Safety, too, is an important concern: The Cathedral Workshop carries out routine checks of the cathedral for any damaged components that might fall off and injure

A new electric installation will make the cathedral

Some EUR 2.2m are needed each

The society attempts to finance the conservation of the structure of St. Stephen's Cathedral

* all sorts of different events
* calls for donations and the search for sponsors
* distribution of the society's newsletter
* donations in the 'transparent Steffl',
   the collecting box in front of the Giant Portal

Wiener Domerhaltungsverein
(The Vienna Cathedral Preservation Society)

The roots of today's Wiener Domerhaltungsverein date back to 1865. Under the chairmanship of the Archbishop of Vienna, a committee was established to carry out all necessary building and restoration work.

Following on from the work of the committee, the CATHEDRAL BUILDING SOCIETY was established on June 28, 1880. Its statutes clearly laid out its remit to carry out building and restoration work and to administer the assets for doing so.

In 1938 the Cathedral Building Society was renamed WIENER DOMERHALTUNGSVEREIN although the statutes remained the same.

In 1955 the society was reactivated and immediately launched a major recruiting drive, which in turn was the reason behind the publication of the society's first independent newsletter.

DER DOM, a publication which has appeared without interruption ever since (first four times, then twice a year), reports on the progress of the restoration work at St. Stephen's Cathedral and on future necessary measures.

Each year the streets of Vienna also see groups of pupils with white tins collecting for St. Stephen's Cathedral. This is another scheme to be organised by the Domerhaltungsverein and carried out in association with the Cathedral Workshop and Vienna's schools.

Consequently, the society constantly works to recruit new members and ask them for subscriptions and donations.