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Where is the cathedral’s main entrance?

The main entrance to St. Stephen’s Cathedral is through the main portal, known as the ‘Riesentor’, the ‘Giant’s door’, on the west side of the cathedral opposite the access to the underground station.

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Which of the two towers is higher?

At 136.4 m, the South Tower, known as ‘Steffl’, is the cathedral’s highest tower. The high tower’s ‘Türmerstube’, its steeple room, at a height of 67 metres is also the highest vantage point that can be climbed at the cathedral.

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Where is the entrance to the South Tower?

The entrance to the South Tower can be accessed from Stephansplatz. It is slightly hidden behind the tower opposite the ‘Curhaus’ (Haus Stephansplatz 3).

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Can the cathedral church be accessed barrier-free?

  • Visitors with reduced mobility are able to enter via the main portal
  • Exit through the Primtor with a ramp (only as an exit after the services)
  • Lift to the North Tower barrier-free but only partially suitable for wheelchairs (door width 56cm, cabin width 130cm)
  • Barrier-free main platform on the north tower, a small elevated platform accessible via 12 steps
  • Catacombs not barrier-free (exit 22 steps, exit 43 steps)
  • South tower not barrier-free (343 steps)
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Can you get married in the cathedral church?

Since the cathedral church performs all sacraments, it is also possible to get married in the cathedral. You must, however, be a member of the parish. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the cathedral parish.

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Can you be baptised in the cathedral church?

Baptisms take place at St. Stephen’s Cathedral every weekend, and we warmly welcome anyone who wishes to have their children baptised at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Please contact the cathedral parish with any questions you may have.

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Is it possible to hold a funeral in the cathedral church?

Unfortunately, you cannot hold a funeral in the cathedral church, but there is the possibility to have a Holy Mass read for a deceased relative.

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Do I have to pay to enter the church?

Visitors can enter the cathedral free of charge and are very welcome. However, there are areas within the church to which there is only paid access.

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Is it possible to go to confession in the cathedral church?

Confession is offered daily from 7.00 am to 9.45 pm. You will find the confessionals to the left and right of the entrance area.

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Is photography and filming allowed in St. Stephen’s Cathedral?

Photography and filming is allowed for private use only. The use of tripods is prohibited. Any non-private and commercial use of pictures of the interior and all special areas of St. Stephen’s Cathedral require previous written consent. Please send your requests to the Church Master’s office.

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How many people visit the cathedral every year?

Over 6 million people visit the cathedral every year.

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Is there a dress code?

The cathedral chapter asks that all visitors to the cathedral, worshippers and tourists alike, wear clothing appropriate to the dignity of the church. In addition, male visitors are asked to remove any headwear.