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Visits to St. Stephan

Guided tours during the Corona period

Dear visitors,
due to the official requirements, a visit to the cathedral church including the catacombs and the two towers is not possible until further notice. Attending Holy Mass and prayer in the cathedral are excluded from this. We thank you for your understanding!

Services all around St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Cathedral with statues and parts of the giant organ


There are many ways to experience the cathedral. Choose from a wide range of guided tours or enjoy a wonderful view over Vienna from the towers.

Black and white image of St. Stephen’s Cathedral without a roof


Learn interesting facts about the touching history of the cathedral church from its foundation in the 12th century up to the present.

The altar during a church service

Church services

The Holy Mass is the centre, source, and summit of Christian life. You are most welcome to join us.

Music stand with the music for a concert


Like the cathedral building itself, the cathedral music is one of the cathedral church’s oldest institutions. Below, please find an overview of the musical performances at St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Confessional room with chairs, table, holy cross, candle, and red book


Confession is possible from early in the morning until late in the evening towards the back of the cathedral church, to the right and left of the entrance area.

Statue inside the cathedral

Contact & Press

We remain at your disposal for any questions or comments you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us to speak about any issue you may have.


Additional information

Exterior view of a spire with cathedral windows in the background

How to find us

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is both the spiritual and geographical centre of the city of Vienna. Find the most convenient way to get to the cathedral church, where you will be most welcome.

Transparent donation box in the cathedral in the shape of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Donations & Restauration

The ‘Dombauhütte’, the cathedral’s maintenance department, has been dedicated to the construction and preservation of St. Stephen’s cathedral church since its foundation. Their work is largely financed by your donations.

Sculpture room with workbench, tools, and workpieces

FAQs – Questions about the cathedral

In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the cathedral. We hope the answers to these questions will provide sufficient help to you.